We are the people change experts, working in partnership with blue chip companies and facilities management providers to facilitate, design and deliver bespoke training, facilitating and coaching solutions. Be it building confident, high performing teams, developing people management and leadership skills, or resolving professional relationship issues, whatever your people change needs, we can support you.


We offer bespoke in-house training in the following key business skills:

  • Having effective conversations in the workplace
  • Creating a customer experience
  • Ensuring the helpdesk helps
  • The secrets to coaching and mentoring with impact
  • Creating a coaching culture that suits your business
  • Creating collaborative relationships
  • Building and managing a high performance team
  • Harnessing innovation in facilities management
  • Managing conflict to get results
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Every second counts – time management and managing yourself

If organisations and teams are to survive and prosper in a climate of rapid change, they need to be flexible, fast-moving and fast-learning, and their people do too. But when staff have a demanding workload, don’t have clear direction, or are faced with other issues, it’s easy for things to stop running smoothly and for friction to develop.

We run bespoke behavioural training courses that help teams to work and communicate better together, and be more motivated and productive. What sets our training courses apart is that they are finely tuned to the specific needs of each client, and delivered in the client’s language. We don’t do classroom training, unless a team wants that. And we don’t force people to do anything they don’t want to do.

Instead, we recognise that everyone is different, and that people learn in different ways. We mould our training courses to fit everyone on the team. We train people in unusual environments and invite them to do activities that they love, which encourages a fun approach to a serious topic. We create a safe environment for people to take small steps out of their comfort zone, and to learn by experiencing, which achieves incredibly powerful results. We help people to understand each other’s natural working styles, communication preferences and key strengths.

A danger of training is that people go back to their everyday job, only for the noise to take over and for them to revert back to their old behaviours. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, we get people ready to work in the new way, from day one. With our training, people really get it. The new behaviours stick. Our team training also works well in conjunction with our high potential coaching for managers and our executive coaching for directors.


In our facilitation work, we place a great deal of emphasis on getting to the DNA of the problem. It’s hard to move forward with a good solution until you understand what is really wrong.

It is not uncommon for people in the workplace to have different and conflicting goals, needs, and opinions. This might result in a service provider struggling to get on with a client, or staff failing to gel with management, and vice versa. The lines of communication have broken somewhere along the line, and trust has gone.

If problems are not dealt with, they can escalate into serious conflict, recrimination, and personal animosity. Major contracts can be lost, serious accusations of bullying can be filed, teamwork can break down, and people can disengage from their work. Conflict can spread and ultimately damage the entire organisation and many of the people in it. In these situations, intervention is critical. The problem won’t just go away.

In our facilitation work, we place a great deal of emphasis on getting to the DNA of the problem. It’s hard to move forward with a good solution until you understand what is really wrong. And often, what people think is wrong is just a scratch on the surface of the real problem. Our work begins with an extensive diagnostics piece, which sees us spend time with all parties, to find out their thoughts and experiences, and points of agreement and disagreement.

This initial research helps us to really understand what is going on and everyone’s perspective. It ensures that all parties are involved, actively listened to, and know that their input is valuable. It also ensures that people think about their situation before they attend a workshop session.

During the workshop, we use a collaborative approach to help people to have truly effective conversations to deal effectively with their conflicts. Our sessions are solution focused. They are not for blaming people about what happened in the past. They are about today and the future, and moving forward. Everyone goes on a journey together, and we support them at every step of the way. We also follow up with them to ensure that new attitudes and behaviours have taken hold.

Our facilitation results speak for themselves. Not only do people amicably resolve their problems, but they walk away with an increased understanding of themselves and others. Teams are also often more cohesive, with team members having developed a strong mutual respect for each other, and a renewed faith in their ability to work well together.

Connecting People

Our team know a lot of people across the facilities management industry, whom we enjoy connecting with each other. We do this through our own events and general networking.

We also specialise in helping Executives to find their next job opportunity, since we often know about high level vacancies before they are announced publicly. We currently charge a fee for this service.

Please contact us if you think we can help you make another connection.


We offer coaching to support a range of people:

  • Executive coaching – for directors and above
  • High potential coaching – for managers
  • Team coaching – for raising awareness of each person’s importance and impact on the wider business
  • Career coaching – for new job or career seekers, people who want to get ahead in their existing career, or for individuals or teams dealing with redundancy.

It’s never been more important to have the kind of self-belief and resilience that allows you, or your team, to roll with the punches, overcome set-backs, and succeed in a challenging business climate. Kentish and Co offers finely tailored, professional development coaching packages for individuals and teams. This includes executive coaching, high performance coaching, career coaching, team coaching, and more.

Our high potential coaching for managers and our executive coaching for directors works well in conjunction with our team training. Leaders need to be confident in their abilities and able to lead employees through challenging times. Our coaching helps executives and managers to enhance their performance and be the best leader they can be, which ultimately enhances organisational performance.

Our coaching inspires you to fulfil your real potential. It helps you to eliminate the beliefs and actions that hold you back and achieve more than you imagined possible. At an organisational level, it helps to drive performance. We use effective techniques and processes, including guided conversation and questioning, to help clients to unlock their capabilities. We focus on their needs, and give them a confidential space to discuss their concerns without being judged. We develop a powerful relationship with them, through open and honest dialogue. We challenge their perceptions and behaviour, in a safe and secure environment.

We then help them to formulate action plans that move them quickly towards their goals, at the same time as uncovering the talents and skills that will help them to stay on, or get to, the top. We offer focused, three-session packages because we want people to be able to move towards their goals quickly.

What we don’t do is provide all the answers or give one-way instruction. It’s vital that the person being coached is willing to participate in the coaching process. Instead, we help people to analyse and reflect on their situation, which enables them to formulate their own ideas and solutions. They are more likely to enjoy deeper and more lasting behavioural change this way. Our coaching is powerful, focused, and works towards measurable objectives, which ensures that clients can clearly see the benefits of the time and money that they’re investing.

So if you’re interested in being better equipped to take on the challenges of life and business, do get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help you.


“Liz exudes an immediate warmth and has a natural understanding of how to motivate and inspire people”


Most of us have come across keynote speakers who waffle on and bore everyone in the room to tears. Keynote speakers are plentiful. But good keynote speakers are hard to find. A good keynote speaker takes their audience on an intellectual and emotional journey that leads them to a new outlook. By the end of the talk, the audience has been moved to take action or to see an issue in a new light. A good speaker compels an audience to understand why their world needs to change, and then inspires them to make those changes.

Liz Kentish is a great keynote speaker, with a warm and charismatic style. Before she takes to the stage, Liz spends time researching her audience, and moulds her presentation to them. Her skill is not only in delivering material in a compelling way, but in really capturing the essence of the audience and the chosen topic. On stage, Liz motivates, inspires and engages her audience.

Liz can really make a difference to your event, your audience and their organisations. People walk away from Liz’s speeches with a clear understanding of the issues facing them, and with tools to take action and confront their challenges head on.

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