Financial Services Client

Improving the FM relationship to expand the contract with a leading personal finances services company


One of the largest global service providers, who develops, manages and delivers a diverse range of hard and soft FM services had a three-year contract with one of the UK’s leading personal finances services companies. From construction management, reception and food services through to asset maintenance, security and grounds maintenance, the provider covers a vast space in the FM world.

Client’s issue

Despite coming to the end of their contract, our client wanted to improve the current FM relationship, and to look for a way forward in terms of contract extension. The relationship thus far had been difficult for both sides and there was a lack of trust building which needed to be resolved if they were to continue working together. Both the financial services provider and FM provider desired a true partnership which moved away from the structure of their old contract.

The Kentish and Co approach

Kentish and Co conducted diagnostic interviews in order to understand what the key issues were, and to begin processing how they might go about bridging the gap between the two organisations.

Ashleigh Brown, a Kentish and Co associate interviewed all stakeholders to find out their desired outcomes of the workshop. The discussion points which arose after those interviews were as follows:

  • Clearer understanding of the terms of the contract, including: duration, framework, health and safety, commercial risk, language and behaviours
  • An understanding of how the services will look in the future
  • Freedom for the FM team to make autonomous decisions within a framework of behaviours
  • Clarity on procurement, furniture, fixtures and other equipment’s, maintenance of catering equipment and capital expenditure and investment
  • More flexibility for the FM department to be given extra costs to improve their flexibility of the service

The Kentish and Co solution

Kentish and Co held an initial workshop and then a follow up workshop to map the final leg of the contract. Kentish and Co developed the workshops in line with the points brought up in the preceding interviews to ensure that all problems were addressed. Two workshops were deemed necessary for this project as it was important that the facilities management stakeholders were given the time to review the initial workshop points and to come up with proposals for the second workshop.

The individually tailored workshops facilitated by Kentish and Co essentially identified that the best way forward for both parties was to focus on clarity and a clearer action plan. The points which were discussed in the interviews were then either accepted or contended, giving both organisations the opportunity to voice their opinion and have a say in their future. Many of the problems that had arisen seemed to stem from confusion over the contract, thus we identified that a more transparent relationship between the companies would prevent discrepancies over the language of the contract.

Client benefits

As a result of Kentish and Co’s involvement, we were able to achieve for our client and the financial services organisation:

  • A four year contract extension with the financial service provider (which was only initially proposed as a one year extension)
  • Additional service lines with the financial services provider (with the addition of maintenance, vending at an extra site in the North within two years)
  • A transparent and more collaborative relationship between both organisations with real alignment on corporate goals