Putting Workplace at the Heart of Organisational Trust

What we hear

We know from talking with hundreds of FM professionals around the world that today is a unique time to pause, listen and reflect with their teams, so that they can make their best contribution as workplaces come alive again. 

The solution?

Our new service ‘Putting Workplace at the Heart of Organisational Trust’ is designed to get them there. 

It is an online assessment followed by a one-day Workshop that will help your workplace facilities team feel prepared, confident, resilient and ready as they welcome the wider organisation back to the workplace.

It will get your team to the ‘right place’ from a behavioural perspective, energising and inspiring them.


 The online assessment will find out how each team member is feeling at the moment, including their levels of trust in themselves, their team and your wider organisation.

Other stakeholders can take the assessment too, such as your HR Director, Head of Security – anyone who has a perspective to share. The assessment helps sharpen the focus of the subsequent Workshop.


The Workshop is an opportunity for the team to talk openly and honestly about their hopes and fears at the moment and for the months ahead.

We’ll explore key concepts such as trust and behavioural change, giving insights and advice on how to improve these for each team member, then within the team, before rippling out to the wider organisation. 

Together we will create a roadmap for the months ahead and agree how to amplify and demonstrate the team’s value and contributions. 

who should attend?

Representatives from your workplace / facilities team and from your service provider and ideally some key suppliers such as catering and security. 

what outcomes can we expect? 

Each member of the team will:-

– Understand their own intentions and how these can create positive outcomes

– Know how to increase self-trust and build trust within their team and wider organisation 

– Be able to explain the value that they bring to their team and the wider organisation’s strategic goals 

The team overall will:-

– Be able to demonstrate to business stakeholders that the team is positively impacting their strategic outcomes such as workplace collaboration, productivity and engagement

– Understand what baseline data they need to prove this and what measures to put in place to make it happen

– Create a roadmap for the months ahead


We’ll get your team back in balance, helping FM work in harmony. 

All for an investment of £5,000 + VAT. 

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