‘From me to you’

We’re big fans of the ‘From Me To You’ charity, which orchestrates volunteers to write letters to people suffering from cancer in hospital.


Their volunteers also support the charity through fund raising activities. 

In lockdown, Liz had, like so many of us, taken up the Couch to 5k challenge so she decided she’d double that challenge by running the 10km around her village and raise money for the charity. She hoped to raise £91, enough money for 120 stamps to send 120 comforting letters to cancer patients.

Liz recently completed her challenge twice over, but probably the most incredible part is the number of stamps she’s raised money for. Liz has raised a staggering £1,300. That is a whole load of stamps!

As COVID-19 continues to impact the lives of cancer patients in such an adverse way, Liz’s fundraising and contributions from other supporters means ‘From Me To You’ can continue, and extend the reach of their work, as the requests for letters from those isolated increases. 

If you want to know more about Liz’s fundraising, here is her JustGiving Page

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