Global FM Trust index 2021

Welcome to the Global FM Trust Index 2021. This builds on the UK Trust Index we carried out in 2019 and explores the levels of trust across the world, giving us a unique opportunity to really understand how important trust is in this vital sector.

Please find below the results and commentary PDF.

Results layout

  • The numbers
  • Exploring the headlines
  • Getting into the detail
  • So what? As we looked into the data we had come in, we could see some patterns forming. We ran the data through a statistical model to look for strong correlations and highlight those we think will interest you. The way we show these is, ‘If you want X then maybe Y will work for you.’
  • Bringing it all together and what next


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And if you’re ready to delve deeper into trust levels with your own team and organisation, we can help. 


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