‘Succeedy’ time! a spoof motivation session

Neil Mullarkey is an international speaker and performer (virtual for now!) and author. He co-founded London’s ‘Comedy Store Players’ and still performs with them. He has acted on TV, radio and in two Austin Powers films with his former comedy partner, Mike Myers.

He also has an alter ego, the global enigma that is L.Vaughan Spencer.

Introducing L.Vaughan Spencer

L.Vaughan is a self-help Guru and (cough) Gansta Life Coach. He calls himself by many names including ‘Mr Succeedy’ and his goal is to help the planet adapt to the New Abnormal. 

He’s very entertaining, whilst being slightly bonkers!

He kindly took time out of his hectic schedule to run a spoof motivation session with the Kentish and Co team.

Session highlights – ‘don’t be needy – be succeedy’

He began by asking us if we want to be ‘Succeeders?’ We gave a thumbs up to indicate that yes, we do! He talked us through the science of ‘succeedology’ and Rule #1 which is to breathe and Rule #2 is to keep clean, floss and moisturise.

He then listed the people throughout history who’ve used his methods, even though they didn’t realise it, including Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln and Rudi Giuliani.

He recently spent two days alone with a CEO in Vancouver, without sleep, food or clothes, going through 42 succeeder scenarios. The CEO said that the results have been amazing – turnover up over 70% and staff turnover down by minus 11% – people who left and are now rushing back. 

“I iz L-Vo” #Legend #Hero

Segue into rap

L.Vaughan then riffed off himself (quite a lot, actually) with lines such as  “I am the impresario of your best case scenario” and “I iz your tutor for the future – I hope it suits ya” and “I do alchemy from the balcony.”  

And then (er) more about himself – “I’m the…

  • Iconoclast who moves too fast…
  • …Eminem of motivation…
  • …Paul Daniels of personal development…
  • …Che Guevara of Change
  • …I is not J-Lo I is L-Vo…
  • …I is the shaman for the layman…
  • …I is the sage for the new age of rage”

Powerful, life changing stuff.

Exercises with L-Vo

L-Vo took us through several exercises including hugging ourselves, recommending to only eating foods that begin with the first letter of our names, and dancing to shake off any negative thoughts, as below.

He continued; “how do I motivate people? I shout at them – very loudly – until they do what I want.” At this point two of the team were so motivated to get on being succeedy that they temporarily left the Zoom call (in reality, an Amazon delivery and a hunt for a biscuit!). 

“Revolution is born out of the barrel of a Zoom break-out room” L-Vo 2021 (copyright pending)

The road less tarmacked 

L-Vo explained the concept of Tong Shui – the energy alignment of hair, and that much good and bad luck depends on our hair. So true.

L is for L-Vo #Gangsta #HairIsEverything

He explained to one of the team that “side parting invites the demons in” and to another that “baldness defies the dragon.” And “use a curling tong whenever you’re in the wrong.”

The wisdom flowed like a river of pure, cosmic motivation.

The L-Vo legend origin story

“There was a young man who started a business in Watford – he sold the business and went to live with primitive hill tribes in Borneo and Peru, who have no words for ‘trading whilst insolvent’ or ‘RFP.’

It was me – I found such a deep truth there – which I apply to business strategy and personal relationships – that without a big arrow, you can’t kill a big donkey.”

L-Vo and Richard Branson

And the rapping continued; “portfolio career – Britney Spears – management guru – lieutenant Uhura – benchmarking – no parking.”

Closing moments

L-Vo closed with a rousing chorus of his succeedy anthem, which we heartily joined in with.

An excellent session, L-Vo! Thank you!

If you’d like to be more succeedy, please contact L-Vo at https://www.succeedy.com

And if you’ve also had a life-changing experience with L-Vo, please share it in the comments below.

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