Fit your own mask before helping others

I spent time today with a friend who works as cabin crew on a major airline, and we were talking about how some people want to help all the time. She tells me what a battle it is to ensure parents fit their own oxygen mask before helping their children (not that it happens very often of course!). I realised that some of my coaching clients do just that, metaphorically speaking. They always seem to have the answer for their staff, spouse, children…

Perhaps they should let others help themselves and find the solution that way? Maybe those clients would benefit more from looking out for themselves first. Do you know anyone who puts others’ needs first? Someone who thinks that by helping they are doing the best thing for those they care about? Do they ignore their own needs?

One of my clients in particular spent so much time worrying about whether his daughter would get into her first choice University, that he never stopped to ask her if she was worried? One of his small actions from a coaching session was to ask her – and guess what? Exactly, she was comfortable that she would get in, and even if she didn’t, she didn’t see it as the end of the world. So perhaps my client was worrying unnecessarily and his energy could have been better spent elsewhere!

So, some food for thought as we go into the weekend – fit your own mask before helping others.

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