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BIFM Training asked me to facilitate this three-day course recently in London. As I already run their Resolving Communication Problems course, I already know of the high quality training that BIFM Training provides, and was delighted to take on this role. This programme is intended for public and private sector staff with a minimum of two years’ management experience, who want to focus on improving their performance through developing more effective relationships.
Over the three days seven other experts from the FM sector shared their knowledge and expertise in these areas:

  • Techniques for Performance Improvement in FM
  • Key issues of Commercial Awareness
  • How to optimise and develop staff and skills
  • How to develop effective relationships with Suppliers & Specialists
  • The essentials of Relationship Management
  • Information & Knowledge Management using IT and Technology
  • How to improve Personal Effectiveness in FM
  • How critical Communication is to the role of FM

One of the key areas for me was the session on Getting Clarity and Work/Life Balance: an exercise which is probably one of the biggest ways to increase the amount of time you have, by comparing everything you are doing to the to the clarity statement and to begin taking control. We also looked at Understanding Task Prioritisation: a matrix tool to reduce the common symptoms associated with poor time management and Managing Distractions: to assist in dealing with the external influences that may impact efficiency.

The 21 delegates benefited not just from the quality training, but also be working together and creating a new peer group. They agreed to keep in touch as a group, to support each other as they move through their careers in FM.

If you are looking for support and training to help your career progression, contact Liz Kentish, The FM Coach on Tel: 01778 561326 / 07717 870777 or email:

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