The No 1 question to ask yourself for peace of mind

If there was one question you could ask yourself to gain more peace of mind and keep a positive attitude, do you think it would be blanketing billboards, magazines and the internet? Would it be sensational enough to make the news? Would: less controversy, better communication and happier people be worthy of paparazzi? I think not, and that may be why is the best question is not being widely publicized. Or, it may be because most people don’t know what the question is to share it with the masses. Or, maybe people who like drama have kept it under wraps since time began. I’ll tell you what it is and you tell me your results from asking it. Deal?

The Question: “How is the best way to handle this situation?”

Reason: Why it is the #1 Question to Ask Yourself

We tell people what we don’t want them to do and they do it because we won’t acknowledge that the subconscious mind ignores the word “don’t.”

We “try” to make things work when we know, good and well, the word “try” implies doubt and gives us an “out.” There is never any real commitment when we “try” and there are much better words to use instead, inspiring success instead of failure.

We often end up pleasing ourselves or others by default because we have done everything else and there’s only one thing left to do. By this time, we are depleted, frustrated and weakened so are we really pleasing ourselves?

Peace of mind and a positive attitude come from playing your way through life in a manner that makes it fun. Have you ever spoken with someone who feels real peace of mind? They are helpful though avoid taking on everyone else’s problems as their own. They see the bright side of situations. How do they do this in a world that is often negative and draining if you let it be? They ask themselves, “What is the best way to handle this situation?” in whatever words or thoughts they might use. They may not consciously realize they are asking it but they are.

Just do it. Your brain will answer any question you ask it so make sure to ask it good questions. What answer will you get? You will get an answer that comes from your gut and that is where you want all answers to come from. No one knows you better than you so ask yourself what you want to know about and always trust it as the right answer. Will it always make sense? No, maybe not immediately but looking back, how many times have you second-guessed yourself and chosen wrong?

Gut feelings are survival instincts you were born with and their job is to keep you alive. Ask the question, trust the answer.

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