Top tips, Part 7 – anticipate the unexpected

Top tips from people in your industry who have been there and done it!

Be ready for anything! Also, remember 100 years from now, will the big problem in front of you matter?

FM by nature is fire fighting, and so it is important to take some time to step back and think strategically. Chances are in the long run you’ll make life easier for yourself.

Know your facility from the inside out.

Create via a loose leaf binder with tabs, your Home & Office Bible as I call it. Keep one book at work and one for your home office. Put in all your vendors’ contact information; copies of all maintenance contracts; copies of any memos that you have issued; contact information for all senior management and your direct reports. In case of an emergency you will have all the info you need in your binders – both at home and at work. I know way too many FMs that solely rely on computers. Now you are prepared for any power outage, blackout or any other FM surprises that may happen.

Have a business continuity plan and know it inside out. Make sure your clients and tenants know what to do. Keep key contact numbers with you at all times – mobile and landline. People will look to you in a crisis, make sure you are always prepared.

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