Coaching masterclass – what works?

Last week, I co-facilitated a Women in FM session, which allowed the audience to experience for themselves the power of coaching.

Using several fast, focused tools, we quickly identified what’s going well and how to do more of it – and areas for focus during 2011, along with small, manageable steps to achieve our goals in those areas.

Here’s some feedback from the event:

What our organisations gain from coaching

  • the ability to listen to each other across structures (horizontal and vertical)
  • it will help to ensure everyone is “playing the same game” – it will become 2nd nature
  • improved negotiating skills
  • use coaching to mentor and coach each other
  • help management to understand staff strengths and helps organizations achieve their strategy
  • coaching is part of any good organization and is a contribution to success
  • coaching provides us all with a “mirror” – enables us to see and understand who we really are
  • coaching is the key to talent management
  • coaching is positive, it helps everyone develop for the right reasons

What we found useful and interesting from the activities

  • positive attitude – building on it
  • recognition
  • found parity with each other
  • motivating when we get a “thank you”
  • share your sparkling moment – it’s infectious
  • pass it on
  • a lot of honesty

Find out more about our one-day Coaching Masterclass for FMs by contacting Liz Kentish, The FM Coach on Tel: 01778 561326 / 07717 870777 or email:

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