Who has inspired you?

International Women’s Day took place this week – I asked my friends, clients and colleagues to tell us about the women, working in FM, who have inspired them.

Here are some of their comments:

Claire McDonald says, I have found the contract manager at my site a great inspiration. Caroline Laver came back from maternity leave to become the manager of the largest contract we serve, in terms of people, and the broadest range of services we offer. To do this while also having a family life is a great inspiration to me and I think she deserves great recognition for it.

Tracy Peters – I think ladies like Julie Kortens, Sam Bowman andLiana Sinclair prove how successful a women can be in the Fm industry. They are all great role models.

Alison Girdiefski tells us,
I would like to say that Sam Bowman is one of the most inspirational women that I have met for a long time. She continues to overcome challenges and have a positive outlook on life and I have never once seen her defeated. When I have been at a loss in my career, she has encouraged me and given me direction. I don’t know where she gets the energy from. Not only is she a busy business woman striving to improve her knowledge and carve out a successful career path she is a Mother and Mentor to many. But for me, most of all she has demonstrated that success cannot be quantified by one measure alone, on a professional level Sam’s success for me is the positive impact that she has on the lives of others. For those of you that heard Sam’s presentation on her FM Journey – “When I grow up Sam, I want to be just a little like You!”

Helen Versloot – In my top 5, Lucy Jeynes for setting up mentoring in WIFM, I’ve gained so much from it. Diana Kilmartin for being such a fantastic support & mentor, Julie Kortens, Sam Bowman and you of course Liz. Fantastic people all. Thank you for the inspiration, energy, willingness to share your experiences and fun that you bring to FM.

Liana Sinclair says, I’d like to wish everyone Happy International Womens Day. I think each and every woman in the group is an inspiration in so many different ways. So thank you and enjoy the day!

Here’s a great response from Aileen Peverell,
I admire Annette McGill, Chair of the Charities FM Group who has shown tenacity and dedication to assist the charitable sector. Men also have been inspirational in promoting the rights of women in facilities. The first public toilets in the UK were built in Victorian times, around 1850 – but were exclusively for men. There was a general feeling at the time that having public toilets for women were indecent! So along comes a hero – the socialist writer George Bernard Shaw. He campaigned for facilities for women as well as men, and was responsible for the building of the first ladies’ conveniences in the country in Parkway, Camden Town. When they were opened in 1905, local men demonstrated, as they did not believe women should have such a facility. They were regarded “as a feature so gross as to contaminate the value of all property in the neighbourhood”. Thank-you Mr Shaw.

Vikki Wootton – What a great idea for discussion! I have to sayAlison Hartigan for the encouragement and confidence she gave me when I started my FM career as part of the supply chain at British Airways. Alison put her trust in me and gave me opportunities to work to my full potential.

Alice Omolade tells us,
Happy International Women’s day, I am inspired by all women who make a contribution (in their own special way) towards the success of FM

And from Liz Lloyd Chapman – Happy International Women’s Day to all! I am inspired also by all women who make a contribution but especially Jane Wiggins (my FM Tutor) who has got me through my PART 2 BIFM Qual and always gave me the confidence to continue with my studies. Jane has also guided me through my application for CBIFM of which I am awaiting my results. Thank you Jane for believing in me when I didnt.

One of my own inspirations in FM is Julie Kortens, Head of Corporate Services at Channel 4. You can see her in a short FM World video talking about her role – she is truly passionate about people, that’s what makes her successful. (And she is BIFM’s FM of the Year!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdgFm0g3C-Y

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