A little thank you goes a long way

I really want to share with you this email I received earlier this week…

“Dear Liz

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to recognise two of the Front of House teams I work with here in London: Rio Tinto and Capita Symonds.

You might be unaware of this however my team at Rio Tinto was very excited when they were mentioned by you on Twitter a while ago. Your comments were very complimentary and your acknowledgement of their professional and friendly service really boosted the morale within the team. As we are very keen on celebrating success we also shared your “tweet” in our internal Portico newsletter in the month of June to further recognise the Rio Tinto team.

It is not until today I have realised that you also visited one of my teams at Capita Symonds for the “Women in FM” event a couple of weeks ago. You generously followed up by sending a “Thank you” note to the organiser and the reception team. Again, your comments were really complimentary and acknowledged the teams’ efforts. Your kind comments again had the same positive effect and really boosted the motivation within the team.

For any reception team in the city of London today, the expectations are very high from both visors and clients. The general rule is usually that “No news are good news” in regards to the Front of House service and if any feedback ever reaches the team, it is likely to be negative. This is particularly de-motivating considering the sheer volume of visitors, meetings and switchboard calls that are dealt with in an excellent manner on daily basis. This does my all means not mean that we don’t welcome and appreciate constructive feedback as it encourage us to work on a constructive solution to improve the existing service and prevent a similar scenario in the future.

Thank you again for your acknowledgment of my teams and their hard work; it really makes a difference to them and me.

Kind regards,


Peter Haman, Client Services Manager, Portico”

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