Funny Friday! Mock of the FM Week…

In the spirit of the game played on BBC’s Mock the Week where they have a round called “Things you’re unlikely to hear…”, we thought we’d give it a go: ‘Unlikely things to hear when you work in FM.’

To get us started here’s a few suggestions:

“Thank you so much for everything you do.”

“The temperature is just perfect in the office today.”

“I’m happy to empty my own bin.”

“Of course I know how to use the dishwasher.”

“Please, take the rest of the day off.”

“How much time do you need? Yes, that’s absolutely fine.”

“I think we need to increase your budget.”


Want to add your own? Just leave a comment below, or tweet it using the hashtag #mockfmweek – we’ll add them all to the list. Go on, give it a go, you know you have one…

Here’s the comments we’ve seen on Twitter so far… (thanks for contributing everyone)


“We’d like you to give a presentation to all staff about the contribution of FM. Will an hour be enough?” Richard Byatt @richardbyatt

“Ahh FM – welcome to the Board – that’s your seat on the Chairman’s right.” i-FM @ifmnet

“We want you to lead on energy, sustainability, and workplace. Also work in tandem with CRE, HR, IT and marketing – no more silos.” i-FM @ifmnet

“FM is core to our business: attracts/retains employees, maximises productivity, enhances brand perception. Much more than a cost.” Alan Williams @alan31practices

“OMG you’re an FM. You guys are my heroes.” Martin Pickard @thefmguru

“You have no meetings today.” FM Forum @fmforum

“There is nothing for you to do today.” Martin Pickard @thefmguru

“My office is an overhead. Please make it smaller and cheaper.” Andy Brown @frankandbrown

Got one? Just leave it as a message below, or tweet us at #mockfmweek



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