Clever marketing Scotland!

I don’t know how it started, but one of the conversations here in Edinburgh with my delegates this week turned to deep fried mars bars.  Apparently they are a Scottish speciality (mmm, not so sure).  Anyway, I promised to track some down and today, after a delicious lunch at The Carlton Hotel, a few of the group tucked into a bite-sized piece of deep fried mars bar.

The conclusion?  ‘Interesting’, ‘a strange combination of sweet and savoury’, and my own favourite ‘ugh’.

I truly believe that this whole concept shows the power of marketing.  Someone, somewhere had a bright idea and decided to create a brand…and the tourists fall for it every time.  Not one Scot I’ve met this week has ever eaten one, or even felt the need.

At £2.50 a throw, the chip shops must be rubbing their hands with glee!

By Liz Kentish

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