Leila Aladin enjoys work experience with Kentish and Co


Leila Aladin recently enjoyed work experience with Kentish and Co. Here’s her short write up of the experience:

Recently, I spent a week with Liz and Dave Kentish from Kentish and Co for my work experience. Within this week, I went with them around London, and into their meetings to get an understanding of what it is like to run your own business and to work in London. I went to several meetings all concerning different things, for example: a meeting with Liz and the people she works with from Sodexo.

This week has bettered my understanding of what Kentish and Co are all about, and how they coach and train companies and individuals to improve themselves. Some of the best parts of my week were getting to go on the cable car with Dave, who works in improving customer service towards the cable car attraction.

I was very fortunate to meet some of the many people Kentish and Co work with, as all the people were very nice, and really care about their jobs; and in addition I believe this shows that Liz and Dave do their jobs very well. What I got out of this week was a good insight into a working environment, and how to act professionally. One very interesting thing I learnt was that people sell to people, no matter how good your product is. So if you come across as a nicer person you are more likely to be more successful.

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