Facilities Show – London – June 2019

We had a great time – we started by visiting the IWFM’s excellent stand, having a chat with some familiar faces including Chris Moriarty (pictured) and sipping their excellent coffee – always a sign of a good stand!

We walked around the Show, bumping into old friends and talking to Exhibitors and Delegates – it was an inspiring, friendly atmosphere.

Steph McGovern gave a great keynote speech, talking about her career and opinions of famous people she’d interviewed and sharing insights. One sentence really leapt out;-

“Key thing is to be yourself – from FTSE 100 CEO to people on the factory floor – everyone is just as important as each other, in terms of what they bring.”

Which is a great reminder for anyone, of any age or career stage. Thank you, Steph.

Simon Heath worked his usual magic on a giant billboard capturing the thoughts of visitors on Wellbeing, which was fascinating.

Here’s David Kentish catching up with David Sharp, who was chairing one of the panel discussions.

Until next year!

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