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Gok and Liz

This week we find ourselves on the stunning Norwegian Fjords. On this cruise ship (which has disproved every stereotype I had about cruises) one of the guest speakers was Gok Wan.

The day before he was due to be on stage, we bumped into him up on deck. Being a bit of a ‘stalker’ (in a nice way) I said hello, asked if he was happy to have a photo taken and we chatted for a couple of minutes.

The following day, after his interview (which had moments of hilarity and sadness, but generally left us feeling great!) it was question time. I shot my hand in the air and I was first to be handed the microphone. Gok had spoken during the interview about being ‘known’ (he doesn’t like the term ‘famous’ or ‘celebrity’).

Having experienced his kindness and patience first-hand the day before, I asked how he maintains that air of kindness, generosity of spirit and good humour, even on days when he’s not feeling at his best.

His answer – he doesn’t put himself in situations where he might need to work extra hard at being the person the public expect him to be. Very wise advise.

I know we can’t always make decisions like that – if you’re not feeling at your best but still have to turn up to work, how can you remove yourself from the situation? Maybe you can’t, but perhaps it’s worth just telling those you work with that you’re not having a particularly great day.

I hope you have a great day!

Best wishes


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