The power of networking, and social media insights

Yesterday Women in FM hosted an event ‘Social Media and You’ with Iain Murray of Connected FM and Christine Jones of Tiger Mouth.

There was great advice about creating ‘The Brand of You’ as well as how to get started on Twitter and the tools available to track your brand online. This got me thinking about some of the people I follow on Twitter – some are for business reasons (e.g. people working in facilities management or coaching) and some for pleasure (hobbies I indulge in, films I enjoy etc). I took some time this morning to review content form the business people I follow and realised how frustrated I get when their publicly aired views become less about business and more about their political views for example. Then I looked at some of my own posts and saw that, although I am running a business, I also have made some postings that really aren’t relevant to my business goals. So, Facebook for social stuff in future I think!

As always, one of the main benefits of the event last night (according to those who attended) was the opportunity to network. If you haven’t yet been to one of our events, get in touch and I’ll send you a personal invite to our next one, to be held in London on 2 June, ‘Keeping it Real’ – how FM can learn from the hospitality sector.

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