What can we learn from the World Cup?

I have to admit it, I got sucked into the excitement about the World Cup – I couldn’t help myself! The whole nation seemed to create a groundswell of patriotism, support and rallying around our team. Then, as quickly as it began – it was over.

I see similarities in many workplaces – a new idea, a new manager, a new building – they can all set high expectations for the existing team; which can be dashed if we don’t create momentum.

So what does that mean? Have someone act as your ‘champion’ of the cause, and encourage them to:

  • Shout about successes, even the small ones
  • Catch people doing things right – exhibiting the behaviours you want to encourage
  • Create a common language around success
  • Ensure the topic/project/theme is always on the agenda for your meetings and away days
  • Set objectives for everyone – common goals help us work together

Keep the momentum going and you are far more likely to succeed – be sure your managers, leaders, key players and supporters are all pulling in the same direction!

So, almost the end of the World Cup – rugby next I think!

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