Top tips, Part 2 – building team relationships

Top tips from people in your industry who have been there and done it!

Understand the meaning of the word DELEGATE and then do it.

Take care (a lot) before hiring a FM partner.

Be proud and honest in ALL your activities; the client isn’t stupid or blind and your reputation goes before you in a very small world in which we all know the blaggers and that showmanship has won contracts….and say thank you – a lot! to your team, to your payroll, expenses clerks and all the people that push paper to keep your contract afloat, to the cleaners and the hospitality gangs (they all know when they get it wrong; everybody does!) so tell them when they get it right in a sincere way that they will value.

I’ve worked in FM for nearly 10 years now and the first manager I worked for was asked once what his secret was, his answer… “the 3 Ds” Decide, Delegate and Disappear!

Treat your vendors and contractors with the same respect that you afford your clients.

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