Top tips, Part 3 – planning effectively

Top tips from people in your industry who have been there and done it!

Be flexible when planning, be alert when operating.

Always be aware of the scope of services you’re working within and establish this with your client unit and customer base as quickly as possible.

You’ll establish credibility far quicker with your client unit and customer base by demonstrating awareness of the scope of services and being prepared to say no, than agreeing to everything and then having to go back afterwards and explain that certain requests are out of scope and as such can only be completed at additional cost outside the standard charge.

Many FM Service Agreements run to hundreds of pages but your Commercial Management function should provide an abbreviated “What’s In What’s Out” document which can be used as a quick reference document in Customer Meetings to confirm the scope of services.

Share your plan. People, including clients, your team, your boss and your suppliers, need to know what you are planning. If you don’t tell them, they won’t be able to help you implement it.

Flexibility and multi tasking.

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