Top tips, Part 4 – becoming a skilled communicator

Top tips from people in your industry who have been there and done it!

It’s communication which plays an important role keeping effectiveness and efficiency in services at different client places, spread over a large geographical area.

For our client this problem was resolved by a web based software application in place. This system helped in:
Communication between site office, regional and head office.
Improved serving customization at client place.
Improving business development and training systems.

Be proactive and be a good communicator. Keep your internal customer updated on any changes that occur.

The best piece of advice, not only to facility managers but to anyone who is looking for ways to be more effective is simple, communication is the key. Many times issues, problems or oversights can be managed and people are more understanding if they simply are informed of the situation and what has or is getting done to address it.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
Continuous communication is critical…

Tell your customer when you’re going to do something;
Tell them again whilst you’re doing it;
Tell them again when you’ve done it

Any unforeseen delays or issues should be communicated as soon as possible with an amended completion date following as soon as confirmed.

Listen effectively… Only then will the FM be able to understand the client’s pain areas and be able to help out in the effective way.

Be honest. People always prefer honesty to an attempt at hiding facts when things go wrong. Own up, and offer a solution.

Listen, Understand, connect and make a decision.

Everyone is a customer.

Not being one to believe the customer is always right, I do believe you should go above and beyond what is expected to make the customer happy.

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