Lessons from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

I hope you all had a fabulous long Jubilee weekend. In our little corner of Lincolnshire we organised a two-day spectacular, which involved a talent show, hog roast, races, barbecue, disco, beacon lighting, flag raising and on it went. Even the good old British weather didn’t dampen our spirits! We joked that the events would be ‘organised chaos’, but in fact it all went smoothly, thanks to some fabulous teamwork.

Business can learn a lot from the successful Jubilee celebrations! We put together a small committee, each with very clear roles, and an overall goal – fun! Since the New Year the committee met regularly to check progress and to rope in others whose skills we needed.Every time someone was co-opted to help, they were also given a clear idea of the goal, but otherwise left pretty much to make it their own. We held a fundraising event back in March, so that the Jubilee weekend would not burn a hole in people’s pockets, and were thrilled with the donations and gifts of food, time and manpower! Everyone involved was thanked publicly at the event – this is so critical, as it makes people feel valued, and also encourages them to get involved again next time!

Whilst all this was happening in not-so-sleepy Lincolnshire, we also managed to catch up with the events in London. HM the Queen continues to be a role model to so many; duty above all, and always a smile and a kind word for those she meets. Isn’t this the real core skill of a great Leader? To make everyone feel like they matter and that their views are important? When times are tough as well as when they are good, the Queen has been consistent – again a vital leadership skill.

Every leader needs someone to rely on – The Duke of Edinburgh has shown himself again and again to be a rock. Some of the great leaders I work with will tell you that having a coach beside them is their ‘rock’ – someone who pushes and encourages, never judges, reminds them of the goals, and celebrates with them.

Lots of food for thought for us all from the Jubilee. How was yours?

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