Is it really possible to just walk up and work?

Sometimes perception is pretty far from reality.

Take interactive whiteboards from SMART Technologies… Let’s face it, the product is called an interactive whiteboard and you could be forgiven for thinking that it is simply a glorified flip chart.

The reality is that these products offer so much more in terms of functionality and capability – and right from the get-go.

They let you do everything from writing up notes and problem solving to capturing mixed media and annotations, together with the ability to sign off models or charts. They can interact with Microsoft Office and other software products, and essentially provide you with an analogue-to-digital converter in meeting spaces and rooms. A benefit that cannot be overstated enough, particularly if you’re still wasting valuable time with a flip chart or dry-erase whiteboard.

Simply distribute the resources you have created by email in common formats at the end of a SMART Board session. You can also connect up your laptop, network, access an intranet, the internet and an array of software tools – it creates a truly touch-enabled, seamless digital workspace. The next step is a collaborative hub – our new third space.

What other smart ways are there to use SMART technology? What’s your experience with implementing collaborative technology?

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