What’s the perfect meeting room?

Does it exist? We all know that meetings are an inevitably important part of running a business (and this shouldn’t be underestimated), but we also know that it can be difficult to focus and work effectively when you’re swamped with meetings that over-run. There are various apps to improve your own productivity and efficiency, but how can you bring that efficiency over into the conference room?

Do you know just how much time is wasted in the meeting room?


This interesting video gives us some intimidating numbers, and offers one possible solution: AMX’s Rapid Project Maker software. When we spend twenty-three hours a week in meetings, anything that boosts the productivity of that time is important. Through organisational apps and SEOing your life, you should already be wasting less time – maybe auditing meeting time should also be a factor, if this lady’s story is anything to go by. But no matter how organised your employees are, technology is always going to be key.

Rapid Project Maker software turns you into your own programmer, configuring devices in record time (deploying ten rooms in roughly the time it took to prepare just one previously) and allowing you to customise macros and select a UI theme like a pro. We all know the cloud is where it’s at – and AMX provide you with your own, making communication between devices (and meetings) easier and simpler.

Steljes and AMX: helping you to turn that 2.83 days a year every individual spends waiting for technology into time well spent. So let’s end with this handy meeting infographic.

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