What is the key to success in Facilities Management? Success in FM Part 2

Welcome back, this is the second blog in our series Success in FM, and in this edition we asked our panel (details at the bottom of this blog): What is the key to success in Facilities Management? Here’s what they had to say:

Chris Stoddart

  • “Communicate to influence
  • “Step away from the keyboard and talk to people
  • “Visibility
  • “Get out of the backroom
  • “Promote your role.”

Jane Sansome

“Facilities Management is a people industry, so first and foremost you must like working with people! Client relationships are very important. The key to success is to try and develop a symbiotic relationship with your client. To do this you need to understand your client’s business so that you can deliver FM services that meet their needs. Then, of course, you need to deliver. The importance of robust standard operating procedures and emergency operating procedures can’t be underestimated.”

Neil Usher

“An open mind, and a recognition that every day is a learning experience. We will never know it all, but it’s important to be motivated by the myth that if we try hard enough, we might.”

Julie Kortens

“Honesty, honesty , honesty… followed closely by transparent communication.”

Rachael Kearns

“Communication – it is important for all parties to effectively communicate. Most of the problems I have faced are due to someone not telling someone else something.

“Organisation – FM is such a busy and constant environment, that you have to be organised otherwise you will disappear up your own bottom!

“Keeping records – it is so important to keep records of everything.”

Georgia Basquine

“Hard work and dedication, you’ve got to love what you do and be passionate about it. Not being afraid to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. I have taken all negative feedback or criticism and tried my best to improve and make them positives. I was once told by a very senior director of my company early in my working life that I wasn’t worth investing in as I was too young and they didn’t feel I was serious about a career in FM! The second knock back was when I was told that I would never make it past an assistant FM.

“Well, here’s to the doubters…”

Robert Cunliffe

Relentless customer focus and constantly seeking feedback on performance of the FM service. FMs need to act on that feedback and improve the service to the workforce.”

We want to hear from you… what do you think is the key to success in FM? Leave a comment below or email me with you views.

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