What do you love about FM? Success in FM Part 3

Welcome back, this is the third blog in our series Success in FM, and in this edition we asked our panel (details at the bottom of this blog): What do you love about Facilities Management? Here’s what they had to say:

Chris Stoddart

“The constant challenge.”

Jane Sansome

“The people! I get a real buzz when I walk around a hospital and get to speak to the porters or cleaners. They can tell you so much about what is going on! As an industry we need to do so much more to advocate the importance of FM.”

Neil Usher

“It’s ever-expanding diversity.”

Julie Kortens

“I love the fact that no two days are the same and that we provide an essential and valued service to staff and to the business as a whole. It is a challenging but really rewarding career.”

Rachael Kearns

“Variety – I know it’s a cliché but in FM no day is the same.

“The challenge – every day you come across a challenge which you have to really think about. It keeps the brain ticking over.”

Georgia Basquine

“The variety of the role, the unknown when you wake up in the morning! People make our jobs, because without them we would have nothing to do!”

Robert Cunliffe

“Every day is different, you never know what the day will bring.”

Well there you have it. It seems that the variety, challenges and people are what make FMs love their jobs. But what do you love about FM? Leave a comment below or email me with you views.

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Our panel:

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