What are the major themes in FM right now? Success in FM Part 4

Welcome back, this is the fourth blog in our series Success in FM, and in this edition we asked our panel (details at the bottom of this blog): What would you say are the major themes in FM right now? Here’s what they had to say:

Chris Stoddart

  • “Leadership”
  • “Business knowledge”
  • “Increased use of technology”
  • “Developing strategies for a changing market place.”

Jane Sansome

“Sustainability is a major theme right now. We all have responsibility to find ways of protecting our environment for future generations. Whether this is in the products and packing we use or helping to reduce utility costs, we must keep this at the forefront of our activity.”

Neil Usher

“Managing costs effectively, while delivering services appropriately. It always is, it is the infrastructure of FM. All other themes are the ‘flies of summer’.”

Julie Kortens

“The major theme for me continues to be value for money in difficult economic times. New initiatives are only worthwhile if they bring tangible value to the business and/or provide a demonstrable return on investment.”

Rachael Kearns

“Compliance – it’s so important to be compliant in all areas. Nobody wants to get hurt or go to jail!

“Litigation – no win no fee advertisements are significantly increasing the number of legal claims.”

Georgia Basquine

“Due to the double-dip recession there has been ever more emphasis on delivering a premium service, quickly and for minimal costs, which makes the job of an FM somewhat interesting.

“I think pressure on energy and sustainability has started to ease up as you need the money to invest, however, budget cuts have made large projects impossible to implement as senior management buy-in has been very difficult.

“Employee wellbeing has been a focus in recent months, focusing on the employees to drive up productivity, but also striking the work/life balance.”

Robert Cunliffe

“Reducing costs and improving efficiency, whilst maintaining a good level of service.”

We want to hear from you… what do you think are the major themes in FM right now? Leave a comment below or email me with you views.

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