What would FMs do with a magic wand? Success in FM Part 5

Welcome back, this is the fifth and final blog in our series Success in FM, and in this edition we asked our panel (details at the bottom of this blog): If you had a magic wand, how would things be different in your workplace? Here’s what they had to say:

Chris Stoddart

“Add another two days to each week.”

Jane Sansome

“We still need more high-calibre FM managers who can manage complex and demanding FM contracts – people who are strong leaders, focused on clients and continually driving performance improvements.”

Neil Usher

“All of the resources, connectivity and support of a traditional workplace folded into a sleek and stylish unisex briefcase that goes with any attire, and powered by stress – so that when it stops working, you know the balance is right.”

Julie Kortens

“A magic wand for me would finding a way of ensuring that you don’t have to keep saying the same things over and over again. We’ve tried inductions, emails, intranets, manuals etc etc, but people only listen when they want to listen or when there is something in it for them.”

Rachael Kearns

“Unlimited budgets – would be wonderful but are unrealistic.

“Additional resources – additional staff would mean that we could provide a better, more efficient service and have more time to go the extra mile.

“Respect – it would be nice if the students in our schools respected the school and didn’t vandalise it!”

Georgia Basquine

“Everyone would be as passionate about their job as I am. I have high expectations of self-delivery and would sprinkle that across my team, but that could cause conflict to many driven people!”

That brings us to the end of our series Success in FM, but we don’t want to leave it there. We still want to hear your views and about what you’d do with a magic wand, and indeed any of the subjects we’ve covered in these blogs. Leave a comment below or email me with you views.

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