I think I’m doing OK, but…

We all know feedback is important. Whether it’s for our development or simply to confirm that we are on the right track, we all need feedback.

The 360° system we use invites a selection of people that you work with day to day (usually including your line manager, direct reports, peers, clients and suppliers) to answer a series of questions about your performance in key areas, typically business leadership, delivering results, impact on the business and leading people.

It’s a simple, online system and produces an easy to understand report, which highlights your strengths and areas for development, all supported by comments from those responding.

Feedback from these reports is often used at the start of a coaching/mentoring relationship, where the output forms the basis of measurable objectives, agreed with yourself, your line manager and your coach/mentor.

It’s just £100 plus VAT for us to run the report. Want to know more? We can send you a sample report, just email us.

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