Maximum Impact Coaching

Do you have a member of your team who is underperforming? Is this affecting the balance and the effectiveness of the team?

It’s a difficult situation that has to be addressed and one that needs to be handled carefully for a variety of reasons.

If you want to support the individual and if that person has the motivation to break through their real or perceived barrier and turn themselves around before it’s too late, becoming a valued member of the team, then you need our Maximum Impact Coaching Programme delivered by Rob Rave.

There is no agenda from Rob other than to support the individual. However, be advised, one possible outcome is that the person being coached is not prepared to make the changes necessary and decides to leave the organisation.

“The best professional listener I‘ve come across. We covered a lot, Rob helped me overcome stress and feeling down at work and improved my performance by more than 15% in a short period of time” – T Mobile Manager

“The resulting change of attitude has been noticed by my colleagues and greatly helped me to better position my career. My sessions with Rob contributed to transforming what I believed to be an uninspiring working environment into an exciting position with countless opportunities to thrive” Director – City

Face to face or skype sessions, before, during or after work.

Three sessions: 60 -75 minutes each over an eight- week period, with assignments and e-mail contact in between sessions.

Special rate: £997 plus VAT payable when the first of the three sessions is booked

Contact us now and we will help you to manage and greatly improve the effectiveness of your team.

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