Kentish on Tour (part 1) – Take off…

As Kentish and Co has grown, so has our client base, and over the next ten weeks Liz and David Kentish will be on a mini world tour, taking in Australia, India, Turkey, Dubai, Spain, Scotland and France. In amongst the work there will also be time for some R&R, some exploring and perhaps some mini adventures. Stay tuned to read ‘what Liz and David did next’! You can also follow along on Twitter #KentishOnTour
Emirates airplane

By Liz Kentish

When I used to travel by plane on holiday, I’d look at the first class section with a mixture of envy and a touch of cynicism. What a waste of money! What was the point in spending five times the cost of an economy ticket for a bigger seat, higher luggage allowance and real knives and forks?

Honestly, it’s like those people in our organisations (you know, the partners, fee earners, those demanding end users) who are highly paid and who expect others to run around after them, catering to their every whim.

Except, in reality, they don’t. The CEO is actually saying to the FM, ‘please take care of these people. They are valuable to our organisation and we want to keep them happy and loyal.’

Ah, good point. It’s about enabling someone to perform their job well. It’s about taking away any niggling issues and allowing them to focus on what they’re brilliant at.

And so now I find myself in the Emirates business class lounge at Heathrow, setting off for 21 hours of air travel to Sydney. And instead of thinking ‘wow, I’ve made it!’, I’m appreciating the ability to sleep lying down for at least the first leg of my journey, arriving in Australia refreshed and raring to go (allowing for a little jet-lag due to losing half a day of course!). Paying extra means I’ll be able to focus on delivering an amazing service to my client. It’s a practical investment, a bit like buying an expensive handbag once every couple of years, instead of buying a cheap copy every few months (excellent advice from my good friend Jessica!)

So, thank you Emirates for taking care of me, as FMs and their teams take care of the people in their buildings. It’s certainly worth paying extra – wouldn’t it be fabulous if all our clients realised that?!

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