Don’t get het up, it’s just stuff (part 2 of Kentish on Tour)

In the early hours of Saturday morning I arrived in very rainy Sydney, but my luggage obviously loves Dubai so much that it decided to stay behind.  It’s that moment of dread when you hear your name called out, but I did have a smug smile as I remembered to put a change of clothes into my cabin bag!

It appears there was a fault with the sprinkler system at Dubai airport, which meant 2,500 bags outstayed their welcome there.  Anyway, the process has begun and my bag will be delivered to my hotel tomorrow morning. As I thanked the customer service chap who told me what had happened and what they were doing to resolve it, he looked at me somewhat surprised.  ‘If everyone had the same attitude as you, our lives would be so much easier’, he said.  All I did was thank him and said that at the end of the day, although it’s frustrating, it’s still only ‘stuff’ and I could certainly live without it for another 24 hours.

Why do so many people get het up when things go wrong?  Is it because we are in an unfamiliar place and we crave familiar things around us?  What’s the point in blaming someone who is simply the messenger and also the person who can help resolve the problem?  So I may be tired, in need of a shower and a decent cup of tea, but that’s no reason to be rude.

Next time you encounter a service problem, remember in the big scheme of things, it’s usually only ‘stuff’ anyway.

By Liz Kentish

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