What would make you queue for two weeks?

Since I arrived in Sydney there have been people camped outside the Apple store.  So, today that means they’ve been there for 12 days.  Crazy or simply determined?  The first two guys in the queue are working for a company who are going to give away the phones in some kind of promotion (and they are there in shifts!).  The folk in the store aren’t terribly happy about it (I went in and asked them), but they’re still customers, and a sale is a sale.  The third guy in the queue is there because he just wants to be one of the first in the world to own the new phone.  The store in Sydney will open their doors at 8am tomorrow and the rest of the world will follow.

It got me thinking about what I’d want so badly that I would give up two weeks of my life to be one of the first.  Certainly not a phone!  Maybe tickets to see a great band or some other one-off experience.  I’m still pondering.  What I’m determined to do tomorrow, though, is be there at the Apple store, just before 8am, to watch my three new friends pick up their shiny new phones, no doubt captured by TV cameras, and to see the joy on their faces.  If anything’s worth waiting two weeks for as far as I’m concerned, it’ll be those smiles of joy!

By Liz Kentish

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