Know your audience

The team I’m working with here in Sydney have, as one of their strategy specific behaviours, the art of giving and receiving feedback.  So I’ve been receiving plenty this week!  One of the things I have discovered about myself, from the point of view of my delegates, is that they like me to challenge them more.  I did wonder if that’s a British trait, or if it’s just me?!  Anyway, I decided to ‘be more Aussie’ to huge peals of laughter, as I tried to ‘man up’ and be more direct.

We talked a lot about unicorns this week (that’s another whole story, if you saw ‘the happiness advantage’ you’ll know what I mean), and came to the conclusion, ‘always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, in which case always be a unicorn’.

And of course, being yourself means being authentic but flexible enough to modify what you do depending on the situation.

By Liz Kentish

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