The event you don’t go to won’t help you

I’ve been in and out of the UK for the past 8 weeks or so and I’ve felt like I’ve really been out of the loop. Why? Because I’ve been missing some great events in and around the FM sector. It’s made me consider the value I get from attending events, and I realised that the key things for me are:

  • Meeting up with people who have become firm friends over the years I’ve been in FM
  • Keeping abreast of all that’s happening – people moving roles/companies, new products and services (have you seen yet? You must!)
  • Giving back – this is so important and allows me to do some of the things I’m great at, and that I love – connecting people, giving encouragement and support, recognising achievements and even pushing people out of their comfort zones – asking them to speak at events, join a committee, showcase their site to others, become a mentor and so on

Here’s just some of the events on my schedule over the next few months:

  • Workplace Week convention
  • Skills4STEM conference (I’m also speaking at this one – come along!)
  • Rising FMs Xmas social
  • Women in FM Xmas quiz
  • Workplace Futures conference – on 10 Feb next year – I’ve had a sneak preview and this is going to be one of THE events to be at, so make sure you book soon.

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