Have you got the habit?

One of our global clients has recently introduced ‘shares’. The idea is, that when three or more employees are together, they start their meeting/training course with both a ‘safety share’ and a ‘people share’. It only takes a few seconds, and can be work-related or not. It’s a chance to remind themselves of the importance of safety in the workplace, and also to celebrate what their people do everyday. What’s very interesting, is that when this was introduced, they also talked about how to create a new habit, and the theory that it takes 21 days to do this. So armed with this knowledge, people did just that, they made sure the safety shares and people shares happened every day for 21 days, and now they do in fact seem to happen as a matter of course.

The challenge now though is to keep things fresh, so it doesn’t just turn into something we ‘have’ to do, but remains something we ‘want’ to do.

I’m keen to hear how other companies keep these things fresh and exciting. If you’ve got some examples to share, please add your comments below – this in itself will become a ‘share’!

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