The power of mentoring

With all the training on leadership, communication, collaboration etc. etc. that we do on a daily basis when helping to develop individuals and teams in organisations, I often take for granted the power that the techniques we teach have.

At the weekend we went to the O2 for a music festival, (very heavy rock) and while we were there we went to the ‘Star Wars Identities’ The Exhibition. As you go through the exhibition you are able to build your own Star Wars character through digital interaction and by making the choices, which choose your path.

This is where it made me sit up and take notice about one such power. Mentoring.

Apart from loads of information on the world of Star Wars, really cool models and life sized characters, it takes you on a journey of discovery and is all about who influences you, how you shape your life and your values through the people who are your mentors.

Luke Skywalker could easily have turned to the dark side if he had chosen to be mentored by the Emperor and not by Yoda!

Mentors can be your parents, friends, associates or work colleagues and they all have an influence on how you behave, and how you shape your life values.

Apart from your parents, you can choose who your friends are and who you listen to at work, so choose carefully.

Oh and by the way, I was a Jedi Knight!

This article first appeared in Tomorrow’s FM

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