Effective conversations that work

Success in FM is about different disciplines working together in a collaborative way.

To be effective, we need conversations that work. This means, we have to engage people in our conversations.

Yes, but Liz, we’re busy people and we don’t have the time!

It’s precisely when we don’t have the time that we need to ensure our communications are two-way, effective, and concise.

There are some fundamental emotional desires that people seek to have met in the workplace:

  • They want to be included and valued – this happens when they get recognition
  • They want to be competent – this happens when they are in control of their work
  • They want to be accepted – this happens when they are liked by their colleagues
  • They want different conversations that go somewhere, that inspire them and make them think!

When these desires are thwarted – or even when a person thinks that they might be – they are likely to feel angry, hurt, disappointed, sad, afraid, frustrated, rejected, resentful, ashamed. I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to work with people like that.

We need to be seeking out strengths, capabilities, possiblities, potential, and we can do this through simple questions like:

  • What do you want instead?
  • What else would improve as a result?
  • When have you overcome something similar?
  • What knowledge, experience, resources do you already have to help?
  • What will you do differently as a result of having reached the goal?
  • What might be the first small step?

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