Are you acting ‘as if’?

Ah, yes, jet lag.  Hands up if you’ve ever experienced it?

So, what to do when 14 people are expecting a highly energised facilitator to run a full day of leadership activities, models and feedback.  When they don’t know each other and are looking to you to make them feel at ease?  When you are in a foreign country and don’t really know the unwritten ‘rules’?

Easy!  Act ‘as if’.  Act as if you’re highly energised.  And it works.

Our behaviour starts within.  Decide how it’s going to be and that’s exactly how it will be.  So, armed with only 2 hours’ sleep, I focused my mind on being ‘outstanding’ and ‘energised’.  What a day!

Today was easier, as I had a massive eight hours’ sleep last night.  But I still focused on my mind-set today – being outstanding and energised.  I expect you’re wondering at what point I’m going to crash and burn?  Well, I’ve decided I’m not going to; although I have a free weekend coming up, I’ve filled it with some amazing trips.  Of course it’s about balance, but for me what works best isn’t spending all weekend in bed, it’s spending the weekend experiencing new things, walking around this amazing city (Sydney) and catching up with friends I only see once every few years.  For me, that’s relaxation.

By Liz Kentish

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