Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess

How different would your life be if you discovered ‘the happiness advantage’?  Well, my delegates found that out for themselves today when, as part of their leadership journey, we watched this:

I did wonder if the whole idea of ‘gratitude’ and ‘positivity’ might be a step too far for the group; but they embraced it whole-heartedly. We finished our day with an activity called ‘positive strokes’.  If you remember the game ‘consequences’ it’s a bit like that.  Each person writes their name at the bottom of a sheet of A4 paper.  I added a little extra touch – when they wrote their name they also added a favourite quote or saying, something that was important to them. They then pass that to the person on their right who, at the top of the page, writes a positive comment about the named person – something they’ve seen, learned about them or been impressed with during the course.  Then they fold over their message and pass it along, and so on, until each delegate has a full page of positive feedback from their peer group.  Get them to open their feedback sheets at the same time, stand back and watch the energy in the room!

It’s better than therapy and the very best thing about it?  It’s free!

By Liz Kentish

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