What’s work experience really been like? by Ellie, aged 14

At my school everyone in my year at the moment has to do a week of work experience. I chose to do my work experience at Kentish and Co, they are a training and development company. The company is run by my aunt and uncle.

On the Monday we travelled to London Victoria and stayed in The Rubens hotel for two nights.

On the Tuesday I attended and helped set up the first day of a leadership training course at DP World. I spoke to the Heritage Curator about a career in art. I found it really interesting watching some people’s body language on the course when they weren’t always engaged as well as others. Tuesday night we ate dinner at the hotel and found out that The Rubens Hotel used to be the police headquarters in the Second World War and was later made in to a hotel, as it is today.

Wednesday was day two of the training course which focused on new ideas and corporate responsibility. The Curator showed me around the DP World office and showed me all the art around. I thought it was interesting to see the history of DP World. We got the train from London to Stamford where Kentish and Co’s head office is. I enjoyed the previous two days, staying in a four star hotel and watching a leadership training course.

Thursday I helped entering the company’s expenses onto a spreadsheet. Dave Kentish explained to me how tax and limited companies work. Later that day we went to visit Tiger Mouth, a marketing company, and Liz Kentish was interviewed about the work she does. I spoke to Mark Allen the film director about acting.

I enjoyed my week, but found the hours tiring and difficult because they are longer than my usual school day.


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