Be like the Royals

Many companies or managers don’t seem to feel it’s necessary to get their staff involved before making public announcements, maybe because they don’t see the value in it. We have clients who are shocked to read in the press or on social media that they have a new CEO or are being acquired or merged.

I reflect on this now because of a certain royal figure in what could be described as a ‘family business’ who showed the leadership qualities that do engage and build trust with their teams.

I talk of course of Prince Phillip bringing all the Royal staff to Buckingham Palace from wherever they were based, to announce to them personally, that as from October this year he would stepping back from all further public engagements. He wanted them to be the first to know this, not to hear it from the media or on social networks. This is good people management, it shows the Royal staff they are valued and respected. It also displays the positive PR strength of the brand of the Royal family.

Many businesses could learn a lesson from Prince Philip, by ensuring their staff are kept up to date with company news, by valuing their opinions and sharing information. In this way you will keep your people on side and build a trust that goes both ways.

This article first appeared in Tomorrow’s FM June 2017

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